Pronatura Conservation Information Center

Pronatura Península de Yucatán A. C.

In Pronatura Conservation Information Center (CPIC, in spanish Centro Pronatura de Información para la Conservación), we create and actualize geospatial information regarding biological, geographic, social and legal status of the Yucatan Peninsula (YP) to develop strategies and undertake actions to conserve areas with high priority.
To meet this goal, we analyze the condition of the priority ecosystems, their environmental services and the local communities that inhabit these areas. We generate information in regards with the endanger species and the threads to their habitat such as the anthropogenic pressure. This way, we contribute to the mission of Pronatura Península de Yucatán, A.C. (PPY), participating across other PPY´s programs and projects.

Where and how do we work?

In the last 25 years, PPY has worked along the Yucatan Península, focusing their work in the marine and terrestrial marine areas.
The identification of priority areas and their biological corridors belong to our strategic plan for mitigate threats to the high biodiversity ecosystems such as Climate Change, invasive species, deforestation, and fires. Biological corridors are critical for species movement between natural protected areas, which maintain genetic diversity.

Ejidos and PNA where we work.

Priority Areas of The Yucatan Peninsula.

Spatial data infrastructure in the Yucatan Peninsula

PPY has developed the data infrastructure from the Yucatan Peninsula (IDEPY, in Spanish) as an effort to concentrate and methodize data and information of 25 years of research in the region. Data infrastructure allows sharing the most relevant information for the conservation of ecosystems in the Yucatan Peninsula, within different institutions as decision makers, Non-Governmental Organizations and Research Institutions.

Mayan Forest Watch

We are part of The Mayan Forest Watch Network (OSM) along with other NGO´s, Research Institutions and Government Agencies. The OSM generates, analyze and share information in regards of forest monitoring and estimation of the emissions generated by deforestation and forest degradation in the Yucatan Peninsula.
Since 2015, CPIC construct, analyze and manage the OSM web platform. We work for strengthening the capacity, and the coordination between the members of the network for the monitoring of the Yucatan Peninsula Forest in Mexico.

We design and develop data query tools and data creation tools. To monitor REDD+ mechanism, we used tools along with satellite images to see the change in forest cover. We detect near to real time heat sources of forest fires.

Last five years funding

The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
Alianza WWF-Fundación Carlos Slim