Fire Management Program

Image: Claudia Novelo

Background and goals

All the analysis and planning tools available for the region it founds that the main threats to the Peninsula’s ecosystems and species are the loss of habitat and environmental degradation caused by the change in the land use and inappropriate agricultural practices, having for the region the highest incidence of forest fires in the country. According to data from CONAFOR in 2008 were lost more than 9,500 has of forest in the Peninsula, this data has dropped to 3,300 has on average from 2010 to 2015, and this period it matches with the implementation of the “Programa de Acción Regional de Manejo de Fuego” (PAR).

The PAR objective is to mitigate the impact of the forest fires in the Yucatan Peninsula and develop activities of prevention and combat in coordination with other organizations and Government institutions like Conafor, Conanp, Operational Technical Group (GTO) and the Fire Management in the Southeast Regional Center (CRMFS), in addition to the Academy, communities, agriculture groups, among others.

In 2009, the strategy PAR it became an inter-agency initiative that promotes the concurrence of economic resources, materials, and humans of different institutions related to the management of fire.

How and where we work?

The PAR initiative is led by a Promoter Group which works under four axes of action: planning, coordination, training, and information. The PAR is formed by representatives of the State committees for the prevention and combat of agricultural fires and forest in the States of the Peninsula of Yucatan.

Some of the activities that we develop are: Participation in State’s strategies of protection, prevention and restoration; accompanying communities and reserves (ANP’s) for the implementation of programs of fire management, strengthening of community brigades, documentation of the use of fire to identify best practices, experimental fires, monitoring flora and fauna post-fire, pilot tests for control of fern (Pteridium aquilinum) and training specializing in evaluation of fuels, GPS, GIS, First AID, among others.

Regional Action Program for Fire Management Zones.


Centers of activities related to the use and fire management

Thanks to the coordinated work with the differents institutions, nowadays, we have 6 center of activities related to use and fire management, all of this are located strategically in the next localities: Colonia Yucatán in Yucatán, Kantunilkin y José María Morelos in Quintana Roo and finally Hopelchen and Xpujil in Campeche.These centres are spaces to implement actions of coordination and training, in addition to promote inter-agency working because the responsibility of each center corresponds to different instances.

Regional Fire Management Forum

Each year, in coordination with other organizations and partners, we have the Regional Forum of Fire Management whose purpose is to generate a space for dialogue and exchange of ideas that contribute to the consolidation of strategies for the prevention and combat of forest fires at the regional level.


Alianza WWF-Fundación Carlos Slim
Fondo Mexicano para la Conservación de la Naturaleza (FMCN)
Mesoamerican Reef Fund (MARFUND), among others.