About Us

Pronatura is a Mexican non-profit civil organization. To accomplish our mission, we work with a regional approach, which is integrated into a national vision through 6 representatives offices (Regions: Northwest, Northeast, Central Mexico, South, Veracruz and the Yucatan Peninsula).

Our mission

To conserve the flora, the fauna and the priority ecosystems, promoting the development of the society in harmony with Nature.

Pronatura Peninsula of Yucatan, A.C. (PPY), emerged in 1987 as a regional chapter of Pronatura, A.C. From 1990 it was founded as an administratively independent Civil Association. From 2009, together with the 6 Pronatura representations in the country, the Pronatura Federation, A.C.

PPY has a Board of Directors composed of 32 members, including a president, three vice-presidents and a treasurer. In addition, we have a technical team with more than 20 professionals that includes executive management, area coordinations, project managers and assistants, specialized in the areas of remote sensing, anthropology, biology, geography, administration and engineering.

Our vision

PPY will consolidate diverse modalities of conservation and sustainable use of natural resources in priority areas of the Yucatan Peninsula, promoting the integrity of the ecosystems, the goods and the environmental services that they provide.

Our objectives

  • Biodiversity and associated environmental services
    • Conserve representative ecosystems, their characteristics and their functions, areas of high biodiversity inside and outside Protected Natural Areas, through different schemes.
  • Transversality in environmental policy
    • Promote the incorporation and implementation of environmental criteria in public policies and their operation at different levels of management.
    • Emphasize the planning and construction of infrastructure and subsidies channeled in areas of high biodiversity inside and outside protected natural areas.
  • Good environmental practices in economic activities
    • Promote the generation and implementation of good environmental practices that lead to economic and social development respectful of the environment using available processes, techniques and technologies, through which they can avoid to mitigate and minimize negative environmental and social impacts, in addition to boost economic viability in the long term.

Working through collaboration with local communities, authorities and other national and international organizations, based on technical and scientific methods to carry out conservation actions.

Where do we work?